Gary Walker


Gary assumed his role on the Livable Board in April 2024, motivated by a desire to contribute meaningfully to the regional community. He was attracted to Livable’s ethos of compassion and innovation, recognising it as a platform for impactful change.

Bringing extensive experience as a health and safety professional, Gary is committed to offering strategic guidance and oversight to advance Livable’s health and safety objectives. He advocates for a proactive approach to risk management, emphasising the prevention of both physical and psychological harm, while upholding principles of integrity and inclusivity.

Demonstrating a pursuit of excellence in all endeavours, Gary has pledged his dedication to the Board’s mission, viewing it as an opportunity for both professional and personal growth within the organisation. With a career spanning over two decades and spanning various global contexts, he brings a diverse skill set coupled with contemporary and ethical leadership and management expertise.

Gary’s commitment to continuous learning aligns seamlessly with Livable’s values, as he remains dedicated to evolving alongside the organisation and supporting robust corporate governance and risk management practices.

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