Live independently and stay socially connected, with a little support from us.

As you get older, living independently in your own home can become difficult. If you’re finding it harder to do the things you used to, you can ask for some support to help you stay at home.

Accessing Home Care Services

Taking the first step to get help at home can be confusing.  Like most things that involve a government subsidy, you do need to go through a process first.  This includes:

  • Registering with My Aged Care
  • Taking a free assessment to find out if you are eligible for services
  • Understand the level of support and services you’ve been approved for

Subsidised Home Care Options

The type of subsidised support you may be eligible for does depend on the services you need:

Private Care

Private Care is an opportunity for you to receive the care you need, without being limited by government-subsidised programs.  Livable provides a wide range of fee-for-service support services designed to suit your needs.
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Want to get started?

Contact our team on 1800 289 927.  We will talk about what assistance and services you need and can even help you register with My Aged Care.

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