Home Care Services Costs and Fees

At Livable, our costs and fees are divided into four main areas and we choose not to charge a basic daily fee or exit charge. Our home care coordinators will talk you through all the costs and fees before you begin your services with us.


No basic daily fee or exit charges

Individual Support Services

These services include:

  • Personal care
  • Light cleaning
  • In-home respite
  • Social support and community access
  • Sleep over
  • Transport services.


Package Management

Package management fees cover the costs for the ongoing management of your package funds and compliance and quality assurance activities required by Livable to meet Government Guidelines for Home Care Packages.

Your package management services include:

  • Initial setup and management of your package
  • Working with you to manage your package funds
  • Rostering and scheduling your services
  • Supplier payments
  • Monthly billing and account administration
  • Liaising with MyAgedCare and Medicare regarding your funding



Care Management

Care management ensures you get the right level of support in a way that meets your current and future care needs.

Your dedicated Care Coordinator will:

  • Ensure you receive safe and effective personal care and services
  • Review your Home Care Agreement and care plan with you regularly
  • Ensure your care is aligned with your goals and other services
  • Organise the delivery of your services
  • Provide a point-of-contact for you, your carer or your family
  • Ensure the care you receive is respectful of your culture and identity



Equipment Purchases

Where you wish to purchase a piece of equipment, a 10% surcharge will be applied to the cost of the goods (capped at $250).

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If you would like more information, call our home care team on 1800 289 927.


Contact our dedicated team to find out how we can design an individual service solution to meet your needs.


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